8 Great Ways To Honor Your Loved One Through Cremation

It is not uncommon today for a person to choose to be cremated after death rather than buried. In fact, the Cremation Association of North America reports that cremation rates are climbing and expected to continue to grow. This brings questions about what families should do with the cremated remains of a loved one. Many people choose to bury the ashes, display them in an urn, or scatter them in a place that was special to the deceased, but there are other options to consider as well.

Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption As A Teen Mother: 3 Tips That Can Help With Processing Grief

Even if you practiced safe sex, accidents happen. In fact, recent studies show that 82% of teenage pregnancies are unintended. After hearing the news, you have essentially three options: get an abortion, have the baby and keep it or have the baby and give it up for adoption. If you've decided upon adoption, the road you'll be taking will not be easy. On top of having to deal with hormonal and physical body changes from giving birth, you'll also have to spend time finding ideal adoptive parents and, most importantly, learn how to process the grief of putting your baby up for adoption.